Prac+Safe for Training Institutions (Higher Education)

Prac+Safe was designed by nursing clinicians and is targeted at improving fundamental skills in math, medication (drug) calculations, ‘rights’ of administration and critical thinking to improve medication safety outcomes at an individual and organizational level.

Med+Safe is ideal for:

Training Institutions include Universities, Colleges and Private Training Facilities. Licenses offer the following key benefits:

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    Teachers no longer need to write or mark tutorials or assessments or prepare classroom resources
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    All students have 24/7/365 access to Prac+Safe
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    Students can access practice questions, learning materials and assessments
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    Assessments are automatically created and marked
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     Simulates real clinical workflow reinforcing correct, safe practice
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    Comprehensive student reporting allows training institutions to measure compliance at any time
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    Non-compliant students can be identified quickly and easily and followed up for further training
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    Comprehensively covers the following areas:
    Math for Clinicians
    Drug Calculations
    ‘Rights’ of Administration
    Critical thinking medication safety exercises

Wh​at You'll Be Learning

What does the actual course content look like? Watch this video to get a sample of the course content and how the lessons will be laid out.

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What is my view on Med+Safe at the University of Notre Dame?

How do you use Med+Safe in your curriculum?

Med+Safe is utilised across a number of undergraduate nursing units. Students undertake their practice and assessment in the software to achieve the 100% test requirement as per our regulatory requirements. Students renew their assessment each semester as a requirement for their clinical practice rotation. This to ensure they are current and up to date with medication calculations and medication administration. The school of nursing purchased a licence for student use to enable students to practice at any time on their mobile devices. This provides flexibility, and self-directed adult learning that is monitored and directed by an academic staff member with admin access to students’ progress within the software.

Has Med+Safe improved student outcomes?

A higher pass rate has been noted since the students commenced use of the software. As Med+Safe liaises closely with academic staff, quality assessment requirements are maintained that exceed industry standards. Students receive quality feedback when practising within the software which improves their performance. Programming IV pumps and withdrawing medication in syringes are just some of the interactive components of the software which students value in preparing for clinical practice scenarios.

How successful has Med+Safe been in the curriculum?

Med+Safe has been extremely successful in the curriculum and is incorporated across a number of academic units. Students have evaluated the software highly in an evaluation survey and prefer the software over paper-based and similar assessments. Students value saving their certificates of completion and these are added to their portfolios as proof of ongoing competency and currency of skill and knowledge. As an academic, I have valued being able to track students’ progress through the admin portal and can assist and troubleshoot issues for students through the software. The software is utilised for teaching in lectures and labs as well as students being able to access the software in their own time.

Has Med+Safe reduced teacher preparation time (i.e. resource preparation and assessment marking)?

Med+Safe has revolutionised how medication calculations are learnt in the curriculum. Its modern, user-friendly and interactive approach enables students to practice many aspects of medication administration and calculations. Med+Safe liaises closely with academic staff to ensure nursing and university regulatory standards are maintained and tailored to our requirements. This has enabled a substantial reduction in marking time and assessment and provides flexibility for students and staff to access the software on their own devices in lectures, labs and in their own time. As the software is so comprehensive, it has enabled medication calculations to be mainly self-directed.

What has student feedback been like?

Student feedback has been extremely positive. The software was rated very highly across many areas in an evaluation survey when first trialled. Students value the flexibility to practice and complete the assessment in their own time. A professional certificate is saved by the student for their own records when they complete the assessment requirements. Students value this as proof of their achievements, and this is saved in their portfolios and can be provided to other academics on request as proof of completion prior to clinical practice.

Has Med+Safe been backed up by high level support?

Med+Safe has excellent support that has enabled a tailored approach to student learning of medication calculations and administration. Med+Safe act on feedback and are constantly improving the program with exciting initiatives for enhanced learning. Med+Safe staff are readily accessible during a busy academic semester, and are happy to follow up and troubleshoot any issues or questions from academic staff supervising students using the software. Med+Safe’s commitment to a high quality is evident.

Dr Ben Hay , Senior Lecturer/Unit Coordinator

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